- Free Home Delivery
- 10% Discount on every order
- No $65 Minimum Order

How a Gold Membership Works

1 Sign-Up

Click the link below to earn Free Shipping, 10% off, and much more! For just $14.99/month, you can get Home Delivery Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Eggs. And you know it is all Pasture-Raised!

2 Use Your Perks

Select "Gold Membership Delivery" as your delivery setting. This will give you access to our subscrive and save feature! Don't worry you can change your subscription items every delivery.

3 Place a Cooler on your Step

You will receive a Gold Member Delivery bag your first delivery with us. After that, you are responsible for leaving a bag or cooler to protect your order.

Ordering as a Gold Member:

  1. No Delivery Fee
  2. 10% off - Example: (1) Dozen Eggs price $6.30
  3. Access to ALL farm products like Chicken Breast, Filet Mignon. Tri-Tip & more
  4. No Minimum Order Requirement
  5. $14.99 /month subscription
  6. Flexible Ordering - Add or drop subscription products from week to week to fit your needs!

Ordering without Membership:

  1. Delivery Fee $5.95
  2. (1) Dozen Eggs price $7.00
  3. Limited Product Selection
  4. Minimum Order Requirement $65
  5. No subscription fee

Note: If you select "Gold Member Delivery" without signing up as a Gold Member, you will not receive the discounts and perks. You will moved to "Non Gold Member Delivery"